Dicte Massage Brush - Sandy

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The Scalp Massage Brush is designed to be gentle on baby's scalp while brushing off loose skin and increasing circulation to the follicles. Its small handle offers a good grip, while its 100% soft silicone material makes it a great choice for healthy hair growth and reducing dry skin on the scalp. This Dicte Massage brush is a must-have for any baby's daily routine.

  • Scalp Massage Brush
  • Gentle on baby's scalp
  • With small handle for a good grip
  • Brushes off loose skin and increases circulation to the follicles
  • Encourages healthy hair growth and reduces dry skin on the scalp
  • Made from 100% soft silicone

Dimensions: Diameter (cm) 8.5, Heigth (cm) 5.2